The sly fox and the White moderate

 The archnemesis of the proletariat – especially those whom the light of the sun has kissed with vibrant color – is not the one who exploits, greedy for the glistening pearls of labor, or the one that slaughters, greedy for the crimson pearls of life. Rather, the archnemesis of the colored masses is the one who seeks only to oppose these devils with mere symbolic platitudes. Our archnemesis is the one that hides his intentions and beliefs by presenting himself as a friend to all. Our archnemesis is the one who prefers that the people do not gain freedom by any means necessary, because this enemy prefers that the oppressed claim freedom by his means exclusively. This enemy is manipulative, like the fox that poses as an ally to the sheep, and ends up with mutton in his jaws. This “Sly Fox,” as  Malcolm X warned, ought to be mistrusted and shunned completely from our public spheres and communities. This sly fox I am referring to is the White liberal.

        When the White liberal frowns, condemning revolutionary action, he is denying the necessity of aggressive social organization as the only tool for emancipation. When he rejects this natural occurrence, he is in truth opposing our freedom. The White liberal rejects any form of direct and radical change, because it challenges his view that everyone must be moderate and civil. Indeed, this entity gives precedence to order over justice. He prefers that we beg the very people that maintain our strife for liberation; adamant on “reforming the system,” rather than destroying it completely to bring about freedom for all. 

    The White liberal is not like the White anarchist, or the White communist, or the White abolitionist. The latter understand our capitalistic and fascistic structure and don’t have problems. Rather, they themselves are the problem and must be removed permanently by the people. The latter has a specific function that assists in the liberation of all pigmented people, because they have the ability to use their status as a tool to elevate and strengthen the voices of the unheard. So when you see your darkness and their paleness, do not make that an issue of enmity. It is the White liberal that we must be careful of.

         For we see that the White liberal is closer to the White conservative in that they both do not want the total restructuring of society. When either of them demand that we simply vote for our issues, it is an obvious euphemism for “Hush now lil’ n*gger, that’s not the way you’re supposed to do it. Be like me, docile and orderly, and you’ll get your way.” 

       They both oppose economic democracy in favor of capitalism. In fact, their hatred of communist thought is so vehement that if you were to give them a choice between living in a communist society or a fascist one, they would prefer the latter because they would rather be dead than red.

   Despite their similarity, the White liberal is more dangerous than the White conservative. The White liberal will kneel, wearing our dashiki patterns, and his fists held high with his fellow Neanderthals. Meanwhile he deploys air strikes into war-torn countries, denies us a living wage, continues to reap the lands of our native comrades and chooses to never fix the damages of redlining. Whereas, the White conservative merely advocates for these evils openly. Know that we must protect ourselves from the White liberal because of his deception. Know that his intentions of maintaining the status quo are hidden behind a veil of false solidarity. 

           The White moderate will feel threatened and make the excuse that my statements are contradictory to my previous piece. First, I say that my consistency will not depend on your opinion at all. Second, I am consistent completely, because the White liberal is not from the people that I ought to befriend or even love. The White liberal has chosen the middle ground between oppression and liberation. And to add to this, his so-called ”love” for me on the grounds of my ethnicities is conditional. This makes him unqualified to receive my adoration. Yet, despite my avoidance and malice towards the Sly Fox, I am still speaking from a deep love for all the exploited people. I love them with all my mind, body and soul. And because of this love, I am warning the subjugated colors of humanity to not take the smile of the White liberal for granted. Out of love, I am pleading that they do not side with a fox of devious disposition. Out of love, I am imploring that they hasten to recognize this entity as an obstacle for freedom, whenever they beg that we consolidate with the oppressors.

       When the White moderate is not a part of the ruling class, he is a liaison between justice and injustice. He is the knife that acts as a mediator between the butcher and the lamb. And when the White moderate constitute the majority of the bourgeoisie (as they always have), they maintain the position of control and authority over us. They not only reap from our wealth but prevent our attempts at reaching total emancipation from capital. Verily, they prefer centrism over absolute freedom. Well then, if that is the case, when this deceitful oppressor asks for reconciliation, tell them, oh comrades of color, that “reconciliation will be a union between our swords and your neck. ”