The Lighter Side

Goats galore, oily pennies, druggie drones, Meat Loaf lovers

A Czech zoo has begun a Zoom livestream for their chimpanzees so that the primates can watch each other’s behavior. Zoo officials noted that the animals have begun mimicking human behaviors, such as grabbing a snack before they sit down to watch TV and standing up or jeering when something dramatic happens (March 16).

A Welsh city faces a caprine complication after a plan to distribute goat contraception was put on hold for COVID-19. The town is becoming overrun with goats as the animals’ population grows exponentially (March 17). 

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Without any animal birth control, Wales deals with an ovine occupation.

A Georgia man who put in his two-week notice in November finally received his last $915 paycheck. The man alleges that his employer dumped 504 pounds of pennies covered in oil, monetarily equivalent to his last check’s amount, in his driveway in the middle of the night (March 18). 

In a plot shockingly reminiscent of My Name is Earl, a Tennessee man lost a lottery ticket worth over one million dollars. Hours later, he found the ticket in a gas station parking lot (March 20). 

An L.A. man was arrested after police discovered he was using a drone to deliver heroin to paying customers around the city (March 21). 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show actor and singer Meat Loaf is starting production on a new dating game show. The show, which will be entitled I’d Do Anything For Love… But I Won’t Do That, will depict couples completing comedic physical challenges (March 21). 

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Actor and singer Meat Loaf is hosting a new relationship reality show.

After Florida homeowners began finding iguanas crawling from sewers into toilet bowls, the state has banned the trade and breeding of the lizards as pets (March 22).

A Minnesota man faces up to a decade in prison after he allegedly stole 23 large cases of Girl Scout cookies from the back of a truck. The stolen cookies retailed at $1,250 (March 22). 

Krispy Kreme announced that they will offer a free glazed donut to anyone who presents their COVID-19 vaccination card. The offer applies once a day per person until the end of 2021 (March 22).