Neat knick-knack store, Tim’s Picks, is sure to stick

By Aidan Callahan and Sebastian Aguilar, Back Page Editor and Staff Writer

Wandering through Over-the-Rhine (OTR), you may not notice a little shop called Tim’s Picks. It’s a small store with a few knick-knacks in the window, and it’s easy to miss. But what you just missed was one of the coolest spots in Cincinnati. Run by a Xavier alum, this truly unique store can’t be found anywhere else.

Photo courtesy of Tim’s Picks on Main
Tim’s Picks, an antique and collectibles store in OTR is one of the few hidden gems in Cincinnati that is sure to serve as a blast from the past.

We found it while looking for record stores in OTR. Every place we came across was closed, so we decided to just wander into the next random store that piqued our interest. 

When we found ourselves in Tim’s Picks, we not only found records, but also vintage clothes, books and even political memorabilia. It’s like an antique store, if you consider items from the ‘60s “antiques.”  

We were immediately fascinated by this place, and more so when we got a chance to talk to Tim himself on our way out. He’s a wise man with something interesting to say about every oddity you pick up. 

10 years ago, Tim Fuller was a social studies teacher. He was one of the students’ favorite teachers and told us about the ceremony when he announced his retirement, during which the seniors in the room erupted in a chant of “Mr. Fuller! Mr. Fuller!” 

When his students asked him what he was going to do next, he told them he planned on opening a collectibles shop. He had found himself increasingly interested in his wife’s late aunt’s antique collection, which included items dating back to the late ‘40s. 

“I found the most interesting items, and I found out a lot about her, including three autographs from Neil Armstrong, which are nearly impossible to get,” Fuller said. 

He told his students he had been spending most of his time picking stuff out from the collection, so one student recommended the name “Tim’s Picks,” and it stuck. 

Since his retirement, Tim’s Picks has been going strong. Tim described the store as atmospheric, eclectic and welcoming. 

“Welcoming” is clear from the moment you arrive; Tim is often standing at the door, chatting with customers and passerbys. 

To emphasize this, Tim told us about a young artist he met when she took an interest in the store. Tim fell in love with her artwork and will be hosting a showcase of her work this summer. 

No date is currently set, but keep an eye on Tim’s website for updates.

We asked Tim if he had any recommendations for students and he had plenty. He has a great selection of cheap books from classic authors, some you may just be interested in and some you may even be assigned for class. 

He also has a collection of stereo systems, perfect if you’re moving into a new apartment or house next year. You also can’t forget the curated selection of vintage clothing, which we assured him is indeed “in” right now. 

So, stop by Tim’s Picks, located at 1336 Main Street. You’ll walk out with some cool rarities you never would have expected, and you’ll be supporting a local business run by a Xavier alum.

“Xavier’s a great place,” he told us. “You’ll make friends that last a lifetime, and I hope Tim’s Picks can be a part of those Xavier memories.”