The Lighter Side

Daddy short legs, horsin’ around, demented deer, mask makeout

Thailand’s Department of Health now recommends couples wear face masks when kissing or having sex (Aug. 9). 

The makers of Truly hard seltzer have teamed up with PepsiCo to create an alcoholic beverage known as “Hard Mountain Dew.” The product is set to be released in 2022 (Aug. 10).

PepsiCo and Truly are teaming up to create the drink of the century.

Scientists are genetically altering spider DNA to create a new arachnid, colloquially called the “daddy short legs” (Aug. 11).

The mayor of Nagoya, Japan apologized to an Olympic softball medalist after biting the player’s medal. Though the mayor offered to pay for a replacement, the International Olympics Committee plan to replace it themselves (Aug. 12). 

Police in South Carolina arrested a man after a horse reported stolen was discovered inside the man’s bedroom (Aug. 14). 

A Florida man won one million dollars as part of his back-to-school shopping haul. While buying some school supplies for his daughter, he bought a jackpot lottery ticket (Aug. 13).

After failing to remove the magazine from a handgun, a Texas woman accidentally shot a man while attempting to get her cat to follow the “red dot” provided by the gun’s sight (Aug. 15). 

In a memo, United Airlines told its flight attendants to stop duct-taping passengers to their seats. Instead, attendants should talk problems out with passengers (Aug. 16).

“Tape should never be used,” says United Airlines to flight attendants.

Neighbors rescued an embarrassed deer which had a trick-or-treat bucket stuck on its face. These neighborhood helpers stated that their actions were “a whole group effort, where everyone just came together and pretty much saved that deer’s life” (Aug. 16).

A British man has crossed the English channel on an electric surfboard. The futuristic board hovers three feet above the water (Aug. 16).

Israel blocked a shipment of 23 tons of chocolate to Hamas. According to Israeli authorities, the chocolate was helping finance a Hamas militant operations network (Aug. 16).

Tesla cars are being investigated by the U.S. government for hitting emergency vehicles seven times (Aug. 17).

A California man is suing his condominium and his local waste management department after he was startled by a bear at his dumpster. The startled man injured himself while backing away and claims the event was precipitated by a consistent bear problem in the area (Aug. 17).