Staff Spotify: What we’re listening to

Get to know the Newswire editorial staff with our current favorite songs

By Kate Ferrell, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Loretta by Ginger Root 

This track has been on repeat all summer for me. It takes inspiration from Japanese city pop along with American disco music. It is by far the funkiest breakup song I’ve ever heard. Amid the xylophone and synth, the lead singer is truly hurting. 

 Its vibes are easy to slot into any situation: chilling with friends, car rides or grueling study sessions. The music video also  looks straight out of the 1980s. 

 It’s what I put on whenever I need to feel groovy immediately.

-Sebastian Aguilar, Audio Editor

That Funny Feeling by Bo Burnham 

 If you haven’t seen Bo Burnham’s Inside, stop reading this article and watch it right now. It’s ostensibly a comedy special, but it can be better described as a visual album; a visual album which beautifully and hilariously reflects on the experience of living in the modern world. 

Every song is fantastic, but the standout piece is “That Funny Feeling.” It makes me tear up every time.  

– Aidan Callahan, Back Page Editor

Saturday Night Inside Out by the Avalanches

“Saturday Night Inside Out” is the final song on The Avalanches’ 2016 album, Wildflower. The track combines The Avalanches’ melodic, electronic music with the poetry of David Berman, the late frontman of the Silver Jews. The Avalanches’ alternate the mixer volumes of each auditory component, resulting in a track that ebbs and flows between sway-inspiring rhythm and contemplative poetry. Take some time and listen; you won’t regret it. 

– Charlie Gstalder, Op-Ed Editor 

Get On Your Own by The Buzzcocks

Off of The Buzzcock’s 1978 album Another Music in a Different Kitchen, the song is a strange combination of calm harmonies and angry, rapid beats. The lyrics express the band’s perpetual dissatisfaction in their relationships and the wider world. Pete Shelley, the Buzzcock’s lead singer, mimics the instrumentals with his moaning, high-pitched voice. It’s classic punk at its finest from a criminally -underrated band.  

-Sophie Boulter, U.S. and World News Editor