From White Jesus to White Supremacy

By Waleed Majid, Staff Writer

Our master Yeshua Bin Mariam is a representative of God, renowned for his kindness, wisdom, patience and perseverance. He is venerated and loved by billions for the piety for which he strived. 

So, whether Jesus Christ in the Western world, Yeshu Masih in India or Isa ibn Mariam in the Arab world, he is deeply respected for his devotion towards his Lord. Among the prophets, he is the mightiest. Among humanity, he is the holiest. 

But unfortunately, with all things holy, it is nearly inevitable that he is defiled and dishonored. And those who have dishonored and blasphemed our prophet have done so with the blood, tears and anguish of the colonized. Namely, the Europeans of the Renaissance and their settler descendants who have plundered and stolen every ounce of dignity from their colonies. 

They have weaponized the Messiah by disfiguring him with pale skin, blue eyes and blond hair; by promoting this corruption as the ideal human figure and by teaching their children that since Jesus is White, and Jesus is perfect, it must follow that Whiteness is perfection. Instead of honoring the strength of Christ, they dishonored it by making him the God of White supremacy.  

From this global deception came hell for humanity. During the Enlightenment, Whiteness had been made so synonymous with purity and divinity that people who weren’t White were considered the antithesis of these honorable qualities. 

For centuries, the Black and Brown races have been cursed with torment because we bear the “mark of Cain,” because our mere existence opposes the traits of holiness and purity. For centuries, this vile White Jesus, bearing no resemblance or relation to the true Son of Mary (peace be upon him), has been used to torment and cleanse the world of all who bear this mark. 

He has raped us, hung us, cut open the bellies of our mothers, burned us, forced many of us into his religion and has preached that the darker-skinned must hate themselves and must yearn to look like the European, since he has been made the standard of elegance, civility, morality and intellect. 

600 years. 600 years of Black and Brown bodies enslaved and discarded. 600 years of our self image and identity destroyed by White Jesus and his creators. 600 years of our skin color being the mark of Cain the Murderer. And after 600 years, he still has the nerve to preach to us about salvation from sin. Despicable. 

What’s more is that this caricature of devils is the national God of our country. The American diety, and his loyal prophet Uncle Sam, have made the enslavement, lynching, persecution and humiliation of non-White and impoverished individuals an obligation on every citizen. But those who refuse to abide by this commandment, and instead choose to feed the people and liberate them, are labeled as heretics. “Communists,” “radicals,” “violent” and “evil,” they call us. 

They shoot us as we sleep, like they did with Fred Hampton. They hang us while we fight, as they did with John Brown, or they leave us to die alone and sickly as they did with Thomas Paine. This is the fate for people who apostize from the American religion, the worship of White Christ. 

And if the mark of Cain is my darker skin, then I embrace it, and I am proud to bear it. And if rejection of this distorted Jesus is heretical, then I make heresy my religion.