The Lighter Side

Sprinklegate, LEGO arrests, nude activism

Researchers are seeking “walrus detectives” to spot walruses from space. Sources say that this job title would constitute the coolest LinkedIn headline ever (Oct. 14).

Sprinklegate: British bakery Get Baked shut down for a day after a customer reported them for using illegal American sprinkles (Oct. 14).

Three hundred Israelis posed nude and painted for a stunt highlighting the disappearing Dead Sea (Oct. 19).

My kind of criminal: A LEGO set trafficker has been arrested after stealing more than $10,000 in Star Wars memorabilia (Oct. 19). 

Poetic justice: A seven-foot-tall Harambe statue has been put up across from Wall Street’s Charging Bull. The Charging Bull is now covered in bananas (Oct. 19).