Xavier announces Brandr partnership

By Joe Laurich, staff writer

Last week, Xavier Athletics announced a partnership with The Brandr Group (TBG) that will allow student athletes to profit off their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) using Xavier’s official trademarks and logos. 

The partnership covers all 19 varsity sports and opens up opportunities for Xavier fans to purchase apparel to support their favorite players.

Some Xavier athletes took advantage immediately when the NIL policy was passed by the NCAA on July 1. Many, including men’s basketball junior forward Zach Freemantle launched accounts on Cameo. The partnership with TBG will make it easier for players to profit. 

“This provides a great opportunity for Xavier Nation to purchase items like jerseys, t-shirts and other gear branded with the official Xavier marks and support their favorite Musketeer student athletes. The arrangement with TBG affords us another way to assist our student athletes in their efforts to monetize their Name, Image and Likeness,” Athletic Director Greg Christopher said. 

Xavier senior guard Paul Scruggs is a player who could potentially profit from Xavier’s new partnership with Brandr. The partnership allows Xavier student-athletes to sell apparel using official Xavier trademarks

Student athletes will have the ability to opt into a group licensing deal with TBG, and TBG will help find licensing opportunities for student athletes. Student athletes are still  free to find NIL opportunities on their own, even if they opt in to the group licensing deal. 

“For years, Xavier University has penned a story of success across its athletics program, and we’re looking forward to partnering with them to write a new chapter for their student athletes,” TBG CEO Wesley Haynes said. “Through this group licensing agreement, Musketeer players will be able to benefit from various co-branded opportunities that span Xavier’s merchandising portfolio,” Haynes continued. 

“In this new era of collegiate athletics, group licensing offers the opportunity for these student athletes to benefit financially from their NIL, while also offering merchandise and sponsorship opportunities that promise to enhance the fan experience,” he concluded.

Fans hope to be able to purchase official Xavier merchandise, including jerseys with names and numbers, once players opt into the group licensing program and TBG enters into agreements with school trademark licenses.