Lighter Side 11/11/21

  • As a thank you for his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an English hairdresser created a mural made of hair to resemble Boris Johnson (Nov. 3).
  • Nintendo’s most recent earnings report assured customers that its new console is set to arrive sometime within the next 79 years, or 28,544 days (Nov. 10).
  • A Canadian woman has sparked a social media uproar after revealing that she smokes weed in front of her children. “‘My kids don’t care I smoke weed — they get McDonald’s when I get the munchies,” she explained.  (Nov. 10).
  • A 60-year-old Australian man fought off a crocodile using only a pocket knife, leaving some to wonder whether Australians are “just built different, mate” (Nov. 10).
  • Venomous sharks have been found in London’s Thames River. Sources say that the sharks have better teeth than most of the British population (Nov. 10).
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Deadly sharks were spotted in London’s Thames River on Wednesday.