The Lighter Side

Erdogan, Spooky Stormy, Taliban rebrand

Iran has agreed to allow a small number of women to watch the country’s World Cup qualifier. Sources say this is a slippery slope (Jan. 27).

Hoping to discredit the porn actress Stormy Daniels during her trial, lawyer Michael Avenetti asked Daniels her views on ghosts and haunted houses. He referenced her podcast in which she discusses a haunted doll “Susan” who calls her “mommy” (Jan. 28).

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Daniels, according to Avenetti, is referred to as “mommy” by a doll.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has fired his government’s statistics chief after data reported that last year’s inflation rate reached a whopping 36.1%. Way to shoot the messenger (Jan. 29).

Taliban rebrand: An unmarried, pregnant journalist forced to leave Qatar has been offered refuge by the Taliban, which now claims to be out here supporting women (Jan. 30).