Photo-op: Sean Miller returns to coach Muskies

Luke Perez


Philosophy, Politics and the Public and finance double major

“It’s great. Hopefully, Xavier can finally make an NCAA tournament again.”

Anna Rios


Health service administration major

“Words can’t describe how excited I am for a fresh start with the new coach! I feel that he will make the team stronger and better than ever. I can’t wait to see the new direction he will provide for the team.”

Camille McDonald


Exercise science major

“I am excited for Sean Miller. I think it’s cool that he used to coach here so he has some history with Xavier! Hopefully, he can get the team back on track next season.”

Katie Morrill


Accounting major

“I am really excited for Sean Miller to take over as coach. I feel that he will be a beneficial addition to the men’s basketball team and make the team stronger.”

Joseph Nichols


English and history double major

“I actually read about Sean Miller’s coaching experience in my First Year Seminar… I can’t wait for Coach Miller to crack down and take us all the way. It’s Miller Time!”