The Lighter Side

Nasty nuns, rick-roll, shroom shenanigans

A man rick-rolled all of Dallas on April Fools’ Day by using drones to create a humongous QR code behind him. According to witnesses, the QR did indeed take patrons to a video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” (April 1). 

Ignoring Stephen Hawking’s warnings, scientists plan to broadcast Earth’s location to aliens. Who knows, aliens could be on their way as you read this week’s edition of the Lighter Side… (April 2). 

Newswire photo by Sophie Boulter

A Dallas man managed to rick-roll the entire city via a large QR code.

A woman posing as a fake nun has taken to shouting “Christ, come into me,” while dancing to Christian music in public. She has since been banned from nearby monasteries and churches for “writhing about” at the altar (April 3).

An English scientist claimed that mushrooms can communicate up to 50 “words” with each other. It remains to be seen whether these words are astrology-related, considering mushrooms are literally full of sh*t  (April 5).