The Lighter Side 09/07/22

By Ethan Nichols, World News Editor

A teenage boy was hospitalized last week after a USB cable became stuck inside of his penis. The boy had been trying to use the cable to measure the inside of his penis, and the cable became entangled and lodged (Sept. 3).

A new startup is aiming to assist companies in laying off employees. The company, Continuum, has received more than $12 million in funding, and aims to help companies find creative ways to fire employees (July 22).

A man has claimed a new world record after paddling down the Missouri River in a 846 pound pumpkin (Aug. 31).

A Brazilian man has survived 11 days in the Atlantic Ocean floating alone in a freezer. The man was on a fishing trip that was intended to last three days. After cracks formed in his boat, water began pouring in. The vessel sunk off the coast of Northern Brazil (Sept. 3).

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