The not so hidden dangers of Andrew Tate

By Brian Micucci, Guest Writer

Andrew Tate, professional con artist and misogynist, has made waves recently with many male audiences. For people like me and my friends, Andrew Tate is a joke. We send his insane quotes  in our group chats, we laugh at the way he needs to make himself known as the top male in the room at all times and we know not to take anything that he says seriously. However, Tate is seen as the arbiter of truth by some, and it is important to understand what it is they are taking to heart.

For starters, his claims about women are atrocious. He went on the Barstool Podcast, “BFFs” and argued with Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, about how men are inherently smarter than women, claiming that it is scientifically proven. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of misogynistic claims he has made and the ideals he carries. He claims that 18 and 19-year-old women are better than 20 and 21-year-old women because they’ve been through fewer men. He also claimed that women are the financial and physical property of men. It does not take long to unmask the perverted and uncouth mind of Andrew Tate. Simply Google the question “Why did Andrew Tate move to Romania?” and you will find a slew of human trafficking and rape allegations against him.  

Not only is Tate teaching misogynistic tendencies to children and young adults, but he is also scamming them at the same time. Hustlers University is Tate’s attempt at a “masterclass” for getting rich quickly. For the low price of $49.99 a month, you too can be among the best in the finance world. 

All hosted in a state-of-the-art discord server, Tate promises that most students will make their money back within a week or two. He has several “professors” covering a myriad of different financial avenues. There is zero accreditation among the 12 people making you money.

Personally, I would not take financial advice from someone with the alt-right mascot Pepe the Frog as a profile picture, or crypto advice from someone whose profile picture is the box art for a video game called “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.” 

These people have zero idea what they are talking about and if they did at all, then Tate would do a better job of showcasing this. At its peak, Hustlers University amassed 127,000 students. That’s $6.35 million to Tate and his cohorts. 

Tate knows his audience well and has done a not-so-subtle job at trying to appeal to teenage boys. In the FAQ he addresses the question “does my age matter?” to which Tate replies,“It really doesn’t. Instead of getting the newest video game and finding it boring in a week… you can shock your parents and friends by becoming the kid who’s leveling up in real life.” 

On his website he also has three video testimonies from people who have allegedly enrolled in Hustlers University. The first video starts with how great the program is. However, about five seconds in, he mentions how the price will rise as soon as a certain number of members have joined, which is something that I have not seen anywhere else on this website.

The second video assures users that they will make their 50 dollars back within a few days. The person in the video even claims that he made his back the same day he enrolled. 

Finally, the third video stresses the professionalism of Hustlers University. When I tried to find who these people were to see if they were affiliated with Tate, I found that the first video linked back to Hustlers University, the second video was from someone who runs an Andrew Tate TikTok fan page and the third video was from a seemingly random teenager who happens to be a massive Andrew Tate fan. The site is also filled with screenshots from the Discord server with people claiming that they have made thousands of dollars from Tate’s financial advice. Tate has created a massively successful scam with promises of making people rich through several financial avenues. 

At his core, Tate is a scammer who pushes his misogynistic tendencies on young men who desperately want to get laid. He is capitalizing on people who feel inadequate, promising them that somehow if they start hating women and thinking of them as inferior, that their lives will suddenly get better. That disrespect is a type of sex appeal. This complete lunacy is what millions of boys and men across the U.S. are having ingrained into their heads. 

While this is an opinion piece, I feel as if I have stated more quotes and factual evidence than I have used my own opinion, because I feel like the argument writes itself. He is insane. A misogynist. A con artist. A scourge on the minds of young adults and teenagers everywhere. 

We can all laugh at Tate’s instantly debunked claim that Chinese people don’t work for non-Chinese or how he would refuse to give someone CPR unless they are a female, but it is important to remember that not everyone is laughing.