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Must-Buys at Buc-ee’s convenience stores

By Marty Dubecky and Clare McKinley, Digital Communications Manager and Staff Writer

You all know Buc-ee’s for its many gas pumps and super clean bathrooms. Now, they have a whole new line of merch that is sure to drive up sales.

Tshirts: New merch drop! You can now rep your favorite beaver with merchandise custom designed by Buc-ee himself. Similar to the Xavier men’s basketball team’s new musketeer gear but better.

Shoes: Buc-ees now has cool shoes with Buc-ee the Beaver right on the toe. These are super great party shoes or for when you need to dress up.

6ft Buc-ee’s inflatable: It’s not Santa who delivers toys to all the good boys and girls, It’s Buc-ee. Now you can buy a life sized inflatable of Buc-ee to spread christmas cheer this thanksgiving season (in stores Oct.31).

Jersey Mike’s: If you need a sandwich fix, come to Buc-ee’s to be a sub above at their new Jersey Mike’s. It was installed in early September unlike the one in Gallagher.

Swimming pool: After a long road trip, fuel up or go for a quick swim in Buc-ee’s new olympic sized swimming pool. To make some extra dough, Buc-ee picks up a shift as a lifeguard so don’t drown.

Beaver: If you are in need of a pet during your gas fuel up, you can now buy your very own beaver. They are all named Buc-ee so you don’t have to even worry about a name. Unfortunately they last just about as long as a carnival goldfish.

Beaver beef jerky: It’s not cannibalism if you buy it so Buc-ee doesn’t have to eat any.

Gun: You can get your very own Buc-ee’s gun. When in Florida do as the Floridians do with a gun. Buc-ee’s mouth is actually the barrel!

Hard Drugs: Road trips can be long and not any fun. Buc-ee’s hard drugs make anything more fun!

Happiness: “Money can’t buy happiness,” says everyone. They are wrong. Buc-ee’s sells happiness now and it is not even that expensive. It isn’t guaranteed to last that long, which is only more incentive to come back to Buc-ee’s and buy some more.

Gasoline: it’s a gas station


Aries: You are BBQ flavored pork rinds. 

Taurus: You are an 8” Buccees stuffed animal, complete with a 6” long beaver tail. 

Gemini: You are black and neon pink spotted Buccees bikini bottoms. 

Cancer: You are Buccees slippers. 

Leo: You are the Buccees red velvet cake ball. 

Virgo: You are the Buccees limited edition baby pink insulated lunch box. 

Libra: You are the Buccees cinnamon sugar roasted walnuts. 

Scorpio: You are the classic Buccees Tour T-shirt. 

Sagittarius: You are the Buccees state sticker. Editions available for every state Buccees has a location in! 

Capricorn: You are Buccees pineapple soda. It is so good, y’all. Try it. 

Aquarius: You are Buccees boxers. 

Pisces: You are classic Buccees potato chips. They’re better than Lays, because they are made with love.