Photo op: What did you do over winter break?

By Robbie Dzierzanowski, Campus News Editor

Nate Pinon


Finance major

“Over break I went back home and spent time with my family. We’re moving to a new house, so a lot of it was moving. But, I was able to catch up and visit some  of my friends and attend some NBA games.”

Caden Seraphine


Biology major

“Over break, I got to go home and relax which was really good for me. Seeing family that I haven’t gotten to see much this year was a really good time, too. I was even able to come to Cincinnati for New Years, celebrate the end of 2022, and watch the Muskies take down UConn.”

Alaina Gilsinn


Management major

“Over break, my youngest  brother and I surprised my family with random items from around our house on Christmas. We wrapped six items and placed them under the tree. Christmas morning, we got up and began gifting the house items and food to my family. I made a Tik Tok about it!”

Adri Stoner


Special education major

“I did a lot of working over break, but it’s always worth it because I love my job. I also spent a lot of time with my family, which is always nice to see and catch up with. I also worked as the Blue Blob at most of the  Xavier women’s basketball games!”

Jack Deddens


Marketing major

“Over winter break, I was able to spend Christmas with some of my extended family! Thankfully, I was also able to relax, watch some movies and catch up on shows. I was also able to spend time with friends for much of the break, and for New Years, I went skiing!”