XU Dining Welcomes Students With More Options

By Clare McKinley, Staff Writer

From extended hours to updated mobile ordering, Auxiliary Services has made many updates to campus dining.

The Just Baked vending machine offers a plethora of fresh and warm food, including a variety of baked desserts, bao and sandwiches.

Photo Courtesy of Jackson Hare

Students with meal plans this year should take note of Hoff Dining Commons’ extended hours. From Monday through Thursday, the dining hall will be open an additional hour and close at 9pm.

The decision was made with the intention to better accommodate students with classes later in the evening.

While it will not be full service, it will give students a more reliable option for dinner, according to Director of Auxiliary Services Bill Moran.

“We did run the numbers with registrar information and looked at how many people are in classes Monday through Thursday nights,” Moran said.

“Then we looked at how many of those students have meal plans, and it was a good amount– a very significant number. So we thought, maybe there is a real need there.”

In addition to the new hours, the Caf traded their old plates for a sleek gray set to match the fresh paint job it got last spring, giving it a more modern and updated feel. 

There are also a number of new food choices, including a made-to-order pancake station, a more personalized pasta station and the addition of rice to the cantina stations, allowing the option for burrito bowls.

The next addition to dining options on campus is the new 24-hour food delivery system, Just Baked. 

Located near the Pizza ATM in the Justice Hall atrium, Just Baked is a food vending machine that produces hot and ready to eat items in just 30-45 seconds. It has sweet and savory options and is another accessible option for late night snacking.  

“During the day we have many venues that are open on campus, but the later you get into the evenings, things start to close down. We wanted to have as many options as possible… we felt like people like to interact with that kind of technology and want the 24/7 services,” Moran said.

Just Baked has been so popular these first couple weeks, Moran and Auxiliary Services are already considering adding another one somewhere else on campus.

If you don’t like waiting in line, Starbucks mobile ordering and Absurd Bird are two ways to get food without the hassle. Starbucks, located by the All For One Shop, has added the mobile ordering feature. Additionally, the point of sale has been updated to allow students to cash in their Starbuck Rewards, instead of just collecting them.

Absurd Bird is the permanent ghost kitchen option this fall. It’s the only dining option that doesn’t have an actual storefront, and therefore, no line. 

It will be open until midnight and carry chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, salads and drinks.

Students can download the Xavier Mobile Ordering app to get grub from Victory Perk, Burger 513, Jersey Mikes and now Absurd Bird.

“Overall, we want to enhance service deliveries you know… and adding these kinds of features, and then having late night venues, like a mobile ordering ghost kitchen or Just Baked, is to just expand on what we’re trying to do. Have as many services as possible to get food to as many students as possible,” Moran concluded.