Sean Miller returns to Xavier as head coach

Following Travis Steele’s departure, Coach Miller will lead the Musketeers By Joe Clark, Sports Editor Xavier has agreed to a six-year contract to hire former Musketeer and Arizona coach Sean Miller.  Miller comes to Xavier after 12 years and 411 wins at Arizona. That was preceded by five years as head coach at Xavier, where he won 120 games. Miller started his tenure at Xavier in 2001, where he served as an assistant coach under Thad Matta. “Xavier is thrilled to welcome Sean Miller and his family back to Victory Parkway,” Director of Athletics Greg Christopher said. “Sean is an … Continue reading Sean Miller returns to Xavier as head coach

Smoke from Australia bushfires thin ozone layer, research finds

By Justin Malone, Staff Writer According to new research, intense amounts of smoke from the catastrophic “Black Summer” bushfires that spread across Australia during late 2019 and early 2020 created chemical atmospheric changes which thinned ozone in the Southern Hemisphere. The study, conducted by professor Peter Bernath and a team of researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada, found that wildfires like the “Black Summer” bushfires present a new threat to the stratospheric ozone layer. It also concluded these catastrophic wildfires could be cause for additional damaging health effects. This research was published in Science on March 18. The … Continue reading Smoke from Australia bushfires thin ozone layer, research finds

Peculiar motor accident kills nine

By Ethan Nichols, Staff Writer A 13 year-old boy was driving a pickup truck when it collided with a van carrying a university golf team. The accident killed nine people in West Texas last Tuesday, including the golf coach, six players, the 13-year-old and an unidentified man in the truck. At a press conference, Bruce Landsberg, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that the truck was using a spare tire which blew out and caused the truck to swerve into the adjacent killing, resulting in a head-on collision with the van. Both vehicles went up in flames. … Continue reading Peculiar motor accident kills nine