XU Theatre ‘Diviners’ combats stigma

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Head Photo Editor~ Xavier Theatre continues to impress with their newest show, The Diviners. The show opened Nov. 11 and will continue through Nov. 19. The play’s story is thoughtful and sentimental and a compelling cast performance will leave you stunned and heartbroken. The play follows the touching friendship of a mentally-challenged boy, Buddy Layman, and a disenchanted preacher, CC Showers, in a journey of faith, loss and vulnerability. Sophomore Micah Price is outstanding as Buddy Layman, embodying the character in a truly moving performance. Price pulls the audience in with an irresistible magnetism as he … Continue reading XU Theatre ‘Diviners’ combats stigma

XU ‘Diviners’ returns to a simpler time

By: Hannah Sgambellone ~Staff Writer~ Xavier Theatre has a penchant for picking the right production at the right time. The Diviners offers a simple exploration of redemption. Perhaps now more than ever it’s a story that we need to hear. The Diviners is centered around the relationship between CC Showers (Aaron Robinson), a disenchanted preacher, and Buddy Layman (Micah Price), a young boy with disabilities struggling with the death of his mother during the throes of the Great Depression. Against a backdrop of dynamic supporting characters and a lighting design that rivals any seen on the Xavier stage so far, … Continue reading XU ‘Diviners’ returns to a simpler time

Xavier Theatre commemorates 9/11

By: Tyler Wade ~Guest Writer~ The Guys by Anne Nelson is a powerful reading focusing on 9/11 and the repercussions of the attack. The reading, directed by first-year Ellie Conniff, follows Joan (played by first-year Catherine Sholtis), a writer/editor who receives a unique request from the local fire chief, Nick (played by first-year Aaron Robinson). While the reading wasn’t very long, I left feeling the gravity of the event. It left me with something to reflect on, as the impact on those who knew someone who passed that day was displayed in full force. Nick had lost eight workers in … Continue reading Xavier Theatre commemorates 9/11