XU Theatre ‘Diviners’ combats stigma

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Head Photo Editor~

Photo courtesy of Mikki Schaffner | Sophomore Micah Price (top) and first year Aaron Robinson (bottom) star in The Diviners, directed by Stephen Skiles.

Xavier Theatre continues to impress with their newest show, The Diviners. The show opened Nov. 11 and will continue through Nov. 19. The play’s story is thoughtful and sentimental and a compelling cast performance will leave you stunned and heartbroken.

The play follows the touching friendship of a mentally-challenged boy, Buddy Layman, and a disenchanted preacher, CC Showers, in a journey of faith, loss and vulnerability.

Sophomore Micah Price is outstanding as Buddy Layman, embodying the character in a truly moving performance. Price pulls the audience in with an irresistible magnetism as he owns every piece of his character and makes the audience feel the gravity of the story. Newcomer and first-year student Aaron Robinson plays CC Showers in a charming and comforting performance. Despite a few stumbles, Robinson shows promise and potential for future theatre shows.

The ensemble cast added depth and comic relief to the show. Junior Henry Eden as Dewey, and senior Michael Thompson as Melvin have great chemistry on stage and are sure to strike up laughter. Eden’s interactions with sophomore Evelyn Garrett, playing Darlene Henshaw, were heartwarming and sweet, leaving the audience nostalgic for the simplicity of puppy love.

While the set is basic, strategic blocking, cubbyholes and lighting provide key elements in the show. The final scene displays an incredible interaction with the set.Along with precise lighting and sound cues, the story is fully realized in the final moments of the show and the audience is fully immersed.

Impeccable timing during the last scene of the show proves that the cast and crew are focused and prepared to deliver an outstanding performance.

This coming-of-age story is striking, impactful and touches on the importance of compassion and understanding. Instead of ignoring taboo topics, The Diviners normalizes mental conditions and combats stigma with love and understanding. Xavier Theatre’s performance of The Diviners boasts a talented and promising cast, with beautiful and tragic imagery that will hit audiences members to their core.

The Diviners will be showing at 7:30 p.m. from Thursday, Nov. 17 through Saturday, Nov. 19. at the Gallagher Student Center Theater. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at http://www.xavier.edu/theatretickets, in person at the box office, or by calling (513) 745-3939.