Snow causes confusion with classes

XU adopts new inclement weather policy requiring asynchronous classwork By Hunter Ellis and Chloe Salveson, Multimedia Managing Editor and Show Manager Xavier’s new inclement weather policy, along with over three inches of ice due to Winter Storm Landon, stirred widespread confusion for both students and faculty about the nature of snow day classes. The new policy, which requires asynchronous work on inclement weather days, does not replace the old one, as there may be instances where classes need to be canceled.  However, Dr. Rachel Chrastil, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, emphasized the added flexibility the new policy offers the university … Continue reading Snow causes confusion with classes

Yale professor to hold lecture at Xavier

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~ Yale University history professor John Merriman will speak in the Conaton Board Room about the 1871 massacre of the Paris Commune. The topic will cover the subject material of his new book “Massacre: The Life and Death of the Paris Commune,” which will be released on Dec. 9. Merriman’s talk, which will take place on Nov. 6, will focus on the municipal council organized by Parisians in 1871 for the purpose of self-governance. Many Parisians disapproved of the national government, especially at the end of the Franco-Prussian War, and instead allowed the Commune to rule … Continue reading Yale professor to hold lecture at Xavier

Common Core wrong for schools, students

No one is ever happy about education in this country. There are incalculable flaws and disparities, insurmountable polarities in philosophy and unimaginable bureaucratic barriers embedded in the United States’ public education system. In the past few years, there has been talk about the most recent idea for education reform, termed the “Common Core.” Much ink has been spilt over Common Core, both attacking and defending the standards therein, but the general public seems to forget that they elect the members of the State Board of Education who choose to accept or reject such standards in their state. It is time … Continue reading Common Core wrong for schools, students