XU transitions to digital ALL Cards for first-years

The change, led by Auxiliary Services, will roll out over the next several years By Julia Lankisch, Staff Writer Auxiliary Services recently installed new sensors that will allow students to tap, rather than swipe, their ALL Cards for access to buildings on campus. Like before, ALL Cards, which serve as Xavier’s student IDs, will still perform the same functions they have in past years, such as access to campus buildings, residence halls, events and meal plans. However, the cards also have a new look. The shift from swipe to tap is part of a plan to phase out physical cards … Continue reading XU transitions to digital ALL Cards for first-years

Xavier issues new ALL Card

By: Meredith Francis By the end of the 2014 spring semester, all Xavier students are expected to have the new version of the Xavier University ALL card. The new ALL Card design comes after the university ran low on the material made to produce the old edition of the ALL Card, causing the ALL Card Center to reorder a new design. “While there were no major problems with the previous ALL Card other than a lack of supply materials. It gives the ALL Card Center the opportunity to update the technology,” Bill Moran, associate director of Auxiliary Services, said. “We … Continue reading Xavier issues new ALL Card