Xavier issues new ALL Card

By: Meredith Francis

By the end of the 2014 spring semester, all Xavier students are expected to have the new version of the Xavier University ALL card.

The new ALL Card design comes after the university ran low on the material made to produce the old edition of the ALL Card, causing the ALL Card Center to reorder a new design.

“While there were no major problems with the previous ALL Card other than a lack of supply materials. It gives the ALL Card Center the opportunity to update the technology,” Bill Moran, associate director of Auxiliary Services, said.

“We have also taken the reorder as an opportunity to update the magnetic stripe material to raise it to manufacturer-recommended specifications regarding use in door access control systems,” Moran said. “The magnetics in the new card are even stronger than they were before, which can only help with use of the card over extended periods of heavy use.”

This year’s freshman class, as well as anyone that has been issued a new card since July 1, 2013, already has the updated design.

The deadline to acquire a new ALL Card is June 30, 2014, leaving plenty of time during the school year for students to update or trade-in their cards. Current seniors will be exempt from the updates.

“Students are welcome to stop into the ALL Card Center in the Musketeer Mezzanine at their convenience to pick up the new card,” Moran said. “There is no charge for the new card as long as the student already has an ALL Card to turn in. However, if the card is lost, then as always, there is a replacement fee for the new card.”

For the 2013-14 academic year, all university services will consider both the old and new design as a valid form of ID. After the June 30 deadline, however, the old ALL Card will not be accepted.