University Station begins leasing

By: Saunta Anderson

Before signing that lease for the 2014-15 school year, make sure to consider University Station Apartments, the newest available option off campus. A little over a week ago, students started filling out the application and signing the apartment leases online. Seventy-eight percent of the apartments are already occupied.

The 178-unit apartment complex, along Cleneay Ave. and Montgomery Rd., will have 479 beds available starting fall semester 2014.

Each fully furnished apartment has private bedrooms accompanied by a private bathroom. Every unit will have stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and high end finishes.

The apartments start from $2,850 to $5,400 per person for each semester. Units range from single- to five-person occupancy.

The apartments are a new housing option for not only students, but so far, they are the only occupants.

The apartments have surveillance cameras and live-in security for the safety of the residents.

Upon completion, the complex will include a resort-style pool, fitness center, private movie theater, computer lab with Macs and PCs and private study rooms exclusively for residents and their guests. A few of the apartment units have outdoor balconies.

One of the apartment buildings will have some retail spaces accessible on the ground floor level, including the Campus Store.

Lauren Smith, the Peak Campus property manager for University Station, confirmed that leases for all the apartments with balconies have been signed. Apartment units for five people are also now unavailable.

Currently, the project is in Phase I and plans to begin Phase II will start towards the end of next year. Phase I, which is scheduled to end August 2014, includes the apartment buildings and new campus bookstore.

Occupants of the apartment complex can move in on Aug. 22, 2014.

Although Xavier owns the land, University Station is an off-campus amenity. Ackermann and Messer Construction will build and develop University Station.

Xavier University is not contributing funds to University Station and will not decide the specific tenants. However, Xavier indicated to the developer some potential services the development should provide for the community, including apartments, offices, parking, retail spaces, street and infrastructure and possibly a hotel.

“These uses are intended to bring vitality to the campus and surrounding neighborhood. We expect that the offices will offer internship opportunities and other potential academic connections,” Maribeth Amyot, Xavier’s senior vice president and chief financial officer, said.

Check out the model for the apartment units at the leasing office located at 1601 Dana Ave., across the street from Williams College of Business. The leasing office will be open during Parent Weekend Oct. 25-27.

For floor plans and additional information, visit:, or call 513-898-1408