2013 First Year SGA Elections: Meet the Candidates

SGA will hold elections for the four vacant first year spots this Wednesday and Thursday. There are nine prospective candidates in this year’s election. Students can vote for four of these candidates on the Xavier Portal until 4 p.m. on Thursday.

The candidates answered the following question: If you could change one thing about Xavier, what would it be? Here are some of Their responses:

Alex Fath:

“In my short time so far at Xavier I have found nothing that I absolutely want to change. The only thing I could that I would want to improve is the vast sense of community. In the beginning of Manresa, we were shy timid freshman but by the last day we were partaking in the cheers, screaming our awe-inspiring spirit at the top of our lungs. I think that there should be a continuation of class involvement activities to better promote a sense of family that Xavier so exquisitely exhibits. ”

Alex Fath

Hannah Sheppard:

“On campus, communication is very important, and communicating to an entire student body can be very difficult. I want to create and enhance methods of communication throughout Xavier University so that students are more aware of club activities and events.”

Hannah Sheppard

Lauren Donovan:

“If I could change one thing about Xavier I would change the hours of operation for the major buildings on campus. I feel that the CLC, Hoff Dining, and the O’Connor workout center should all have later closing times to accommodate the needs of students. I would accomplish this by speaking with the managerial staff at each facility to address these concerns.”



Stephanie Kuruvilla:

“One thing I would change about Xavier is that I would like the library to be open 24 hours a day. Although Gallagher Student Center is open 24 hours a day, some students prefer a quiet or silent study environment. Xavier does a fantastic job of providing resources to all students.”

Stephanie Kuruvilla

John McKinley:

“Having to find something wrong with a school after only being on campus for 23 days is a very contemptuous act to be forced to write about, but … I suppose I must choose a minor qualm I have with the Hoff Dining Commons’ hours of operation. More specifically, the fact it closes at 8 p.m., a time that is early enough that many students are not even done with clubs and classes.”

John McKinley

Amy Pifine:

“I know that for most students here, Xavier is like a second home. Because of this, I want to ensure that Xavier has all the conveniences of home. While speaking with people about my running for Senate, I’ve been asking them what they would change about Xavier if given the chance. The majority of answers were surprisingly small things that would simply make student’s lives a bit easier, such as colored printing or Nutella in the caf.”

Amy Pifine

Benjamin Davis:

“I want to make the CLC a 24 hour service for students to access during the entire semester.  I hope to bring the upperclassmen communities closer through more housing based activities (opportunities to meet people you otherwise never would). I also hope to bring a larger and more used free arcade and game room/area for students to hang out in, much as many other universities have added recently.”

Benjamin Davis_2

Andrew Redd:

“Xavier University and the State of Ohio do not have a Medical Amnesty Policy. Medical Amnesty is law or policy that grants a limited legal immunity to intoxicated minors who seek medical attention for themselves or another individual. If I am elected, I will work hard to make sure Xavier University adopts a Medical Amnesty Policy.”

Andrew Redd

Sophia Kvochak:

“If I could change one thing about Xavier, I would work to institute more events similar to Community Action Day. This day of service, already offered at Xavier, involves the entire student body as well as the local community. I feel that within the rich and diverse Xavier community, there is an opportunity to create a unique service experience that would make a huge difference.”

Sophia Kvochak