Civil Rights aren’t a thing of the past

By: Nia Mosley ~Staff Writer~ When one thinks of civil rights the first thought that typically pops into one’s mind is the movement of the 1960s, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and it being only “back then.” But in reality, Civil Rights is a movement still very much present today. During my spring break this year, I went on an Alternative Breaks trip to Selma, Alabama. During my trip, I learned the importance of looking back at history to have a deeper understanding of the issues of today. Much of America’s systematic racism comes from the historical background that it … Continue reading Civil Rights aren’t a thing of the past

AB trip fights against trafficking

By: Azl Saeed ~Staff Writer~ Through the week of spring break, a group of students traveled to Miami, Fla., for an Alternative Breaks trip to learn about human trafficking, a topic that is especially relevant for Xavier students considering that Ohio ranks in the top states for human trafficking. Devon James, a junior student who went on the trip, described the first portion of the trip as informative and progressively more hands-on as the week went on. “We received a lot of information during the first part of our trip through different trainings that we went through. We also did … Continue reading AB trip fights against trafficking

Timely border trip discusses immigration

By: Savin Mattozzi ~Copy Editor~ Despite the increasingly hostile climate for immigrants in the U.S., especially from Middle Eastern and Latin American countries, Xavier’s Alternative Breaks program sent students to the U.S.- Mexico to better understand the happenings on both sides of the border. In Dec. of 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center recorded 1,094 hate crimes between Nov. 9 and Dec. 12. Of those, nearly 30 percent were directed at immigrants or perceived immigrants. In February, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)conducted raids in multiple states that resulted in the arrest of more that 680 people in less than one … Continue reading Timely border trip discusses immigration