CDO launches job search site for students

By: Andrew Koch ~Editor-in-Chief~ While searching for jobs can be a source of stress for college students, the Career Development Office (CDO) recently launched the new Hire-A-Muskie website to connect students looking for full- or part-time jobs to employers. The new site, which went live on March 9 and replaces Xavier’s eRecruiting system, allows students to upload resumes, cover letters and other employment materials such as writing samples and transcripts to a database of information available to potential employers. Many of these businesses are specifically looking to hire Xavier students and graduates. “Hire-A-Muskie is different from websites like because … Continue reading CDO launches job search site for students

AFJ elected to SGA Execs

By: Andrew Koch ~Editor-in-Chief~ After another two-week campaigning season of thumping speakers on the Yard and brightly-colored T-shirts, students have elected a new trio of Student Government Association (SGA) executive officers. Sophomore Andrew Redd and juniors Fare Olagbaju and Josh DeVincenzo will be sworn in as the SGA President, Legislative Vice President and Administrative Vice President, respectively. The winning ticket, known in the campaign as AFJ, campaigned on improving diversity representation on campus and creating a more welcoming campus environment for students who currently don’t feel included. “Our driving force was our supporters. We couldn’t have done it without them,” … Continue reading AFJ elected to SGA Execs

Same-sex parenting

Earlier this month Katy Faust, a blogger raised by same-sex parents, wrote an open letter to Justice Kennedy, a traditional swing vote in the Supreme Court. In the letter, which has been shared more than 270,000 times, she argues that same-sex marriage presents inherent disadvantages to children. Because same-sex partners cannot have children in a conventional fashion, the institutionalization of same-sex marriage would “guarantee” that a child would be denied a “natural right” to be raised by his or her biological parents, “whether by adoption, divorce or third-party reproduction.” While Faust concedes that LGBTQ individuals should receive all of the … Continue reading Same-sex parenting