BRAVE about situationships

By Anna Verderber, BRAVE Peer Educator My research advisor was floored when she heard my group use the term “situationship,” As we discussed what descriptors to ask the people taking our study, the subject of relationship status started a heated debate on whether or not a “situationship” was different from being “undefined.”  When we explained our dilemma to our professor, she was more hung up on the word even existing, asking “Is that a real thing?”   We all laughed about it together. But to some extent, her awe did make me think a bit deeper, what is a “situationship?” The … Continue reading BRAVE about situationships

BRAVE Column: The Horrors of Sexual Assault

By Anna Verderber. BRAVE Peer Educator If you’re anything like me, autumn is the time for two things: apple cider and horror movies. There are very few things that I love more than these spooky fall traditions. Every year around this time, I spend my nights curled up in my coziest blankets, a nice warm cup of tea in hand, ready to be scared relentlessly. Yes, autumn is the time for horror.    However, my love for the horror genre has led me to a haunting discovery. There is a problem in the horror industry when it comes to sexual assault … Continue reading BRAVE Column: The Horrors of Sexual Assault