Today’s avant-garde art

I’m often told that my taste in music is “out there.” I happen to enjoy a lot of modern experimental music, ranging from sacred minimalist composers such as Arvo Part to alternative electronica, along with everything in between. People are bewildered: how can you listen to that? It’s not really music. It’s too different. It’s just weird. That’s when I try to remind such critics that cultural darlings like Beethoven and The Beatles were labeled in exactly the same way at various points in their careers. They broke with established forms and did things differently, and it took time to … Continue reading Today’s avant-garde art

“Crucible” bewitches audience

By: Alex Spindler The Xavier University Department of Music and Theatre in collaboration with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company did not disappoint with its co-production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” The production made excellent use of scenery, lighting and sound to drive the narrative forward. A rustic barn fitted with a gaping crack set the necessary stage for bedrooms, courtrooms and dungeons. Cool blue and bright yellow lights provided an interesting dichotomy between the manic and depressive episodes of the action. Nothing compared to the tsunami-like emotional impact from the ensemble. Shifting from extreme piety to devilish machinations, characters are difficult … Continue reading “Crucible” bewitches audience

Letter to the Editor: the joy of “The Crucible”

There were no trees, no lights, no tinsel, no carolers, sleigh bells, angels or turkey dinners. No cards were exchanged. No midnight masses or last minute shopping trips. But it was Christmas, make no mistake. My intention is not to slander Christmas, even though secular society has done much to malign the true meaning of the glorious miracle we celebrate each December. Rather, my intention is to tell you about my October Christmas. It occurred this past weekend, on Oct. 25, 2013. It was neither holy nor miraculous. Well, it might have been a little miraculous. Do you remember the … Continue reading Letter to the Editor: the joy of “The Crucible”