Trump slandered! Rubio = mean girl

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Crab Rangoon Connoisseur~ Florida Senator Marco Rubio swept the second Super Tuesday elections by carrying Florida, Ohio and Illinois to become the Republican Party’s leading candidate. Prior to Tuesday’s vote, Rubio told the Associated Press about a dream that has plagued several candidates on the campaign trail. “I had the worst dream that people believed a wall could be constructed along the U.S. border, and Mexico would pay for it,” Rubio said to AP reporters. He said voters oddly believed these claims and fought protesters at rallies who argued otherwise. “I also dreamt Donald Trump argued that his … Continue reading Trump slandered! Rubio = mean girl


By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~ With only 14 days until Super Tuesday, the presidential candidate campaigns are doing all they can to raise interest and awareness for their respective causes. These campaigns are holding rallies, crafting speeches and creating advertisements on social media and television. As campaigns do whatever they can to maintain support, some citizens have started to help their desired candidate in a multitude of ways. One such group in Ohio called #Movement4Bernie will show its support by hosting a march in Cincinnati titled #March4Bernie. This group decided to show its support for Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders … Continue reading FEEL THE BERN