Books to binge this February

By: Mo Juenger, World News editoR After a whirlwind start to this peculiar semester, we’re all once again feeling it: the mid-semester slump. For me, this came on a bit earlier than expected this year. With classes predominantly online and little face-to-face interaction with peers, it’s easy to start falling behind on work.  This February, I encourage you to fight the slump with me as part of my 2021 New Year’s Resolution. Instead of bingeing new television or video games, fight the slump with books that remind you why you like being at college. Whether you miss big parties, lunches out … Continue reading Books to binge this February

‘Brooklyn’ Film ‘does it better’ than the book

By: Anna Shapiro ~Guest Writer~ Some people prefer books over movies to convey an image. I hate to say it, but sometimes the movie is better than the book. This statement goes against every fiber of my being. I am an English major, an avid reader, a voracious goblin that feeds on well written sentences and metaphors, and yet even I cannot deny that the movie sometimes does the story justice better than the book. Obviously, the book is usually better, but in some rare cases like “Trainspotting,” “One Flew Over The Couckoo’s Nest” or “A Clockwork Orange,” the movie … Continue reading ‘Brooklyn’ Film ‘does it better’ than the book

Duttenhofer’s Books

By: Gabe Costello ~Staff Writer~ If you are looking for a place to buy gently used books, a cozy atmosphere to dive into hundreds of stories or even just a new store to explore, Duttenhofer’s is the place to go. Whether its art history, biology or literary theory, here at Xavier there is no shortage of reading material. Sometimes it all feels rather daunting. The good news is that there are many books one can read for fun. Of course then the question arises: where should you buy a book around here? Look no further than Duttenhofer’s Books in Clifton. … Continue reading Duttenhofer’s Books