Column: Practicing sexual aftercare

SeX and Relationships, A BRAVE Column By Caroline Dziubek, A BRAVE Peer Educator CONTENT WARNING: THIIS POST DISCUSSES SEXUAL VIOLENCE What do you think when you hear “aftercare?” You may have heard the term used to describe services offered to patients who have been released from the hospital, services that are designed to support the patient as they recover. This, however, is not the only type of aftercare. It is also the practice of checking in with one’s partner(s) after having sex, making sure you both feel cared for by the other.  Sexual aftercare as a concept comes from the … Continue reading Column: Practicing sexual aftercare

Column: A rendezvous of relationship red-flags

Sex and Relationships, A BRAVE Column By Hannah Thompson, BRAVE Peer Educator Content Warning: This POST discusses sexual violence We hear about toxic relationships all the time, whether it’s through someone else’s relationship, friends or even a fictional relationship on TV. Although we all may think we know what a toxic relationship looks like, it’s always harder to see red flags when we are infatuated with someone. It’s important to renew and refresh our knowledge of red flags, especially when it’s easier to ignore them when they are right in front of us.  One of the biggest red flags in … Continue reading Column: A rendezvous of relationship red-flags

Column: Sexicon

SeX and Relationships, a BRAVE Column BY Caroline Dziubek, A BRAVE PEER EDUCATOR CONTENT WARNING: THIS POST DISCUSSES RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE As an English major, I’m big on words. Every time I write something, whether it be an essay, a poem or even a text, I think long and hard about what I want to say and what words I can use to say it. I care very deeply about my writing because I know that, in many ways, the words I choose reflect what kind of person I am, what I value and what I don’t. In the … Continue reading Column: Sexicon