The (Wo)Man, the myth, the legend

By: Jarrett Fittro ~Guest Writer~ I was shook, I was shaken, I was stirred and I was absolutely living for Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati’s (ETC) production of The Legend of Georgia McBride. Already inspired by Director Lynn Meyers’ opening speech, I was whole-heartedly prepared for a night of laughs and entertainment. Going into the night, armed solely with the knowledge that I was about to see a show which focuses on drag queens, I was nowhere near prepared for the “drag-stravaganza” that the folks at ETC would be serving that night. From the beginning, Casey (Michael Gerard Carr) and his wife Jo … Continue reading The (Wo)Man, the myth, the legend

Xavier Theatre triples the dazzle with its shows

By: Tyler Ferrari ~Guest Writer~ The Xavier University theatre department took a big risk when they decided to experiment with repertory theater, with having three shows performed over two weeks. The undertaking is an amazing accomplishment for the department. Maya Farhat, Mac Blais and Eric Minion star as Emma, Jerry and Robert respectively in “Betrayal.” The trio put on perfect British accents throughout the show as they tell a tale of deceit, friendship and loves gained and lost. Bruce Cromer masterfully directs the show, effectively conveying the undertones of “Betrayal” through body language. A hilarious bit with Micah Price as … Continue reading Xavier Theatre triples the dazzle with its shows

“An Iliad”epically wows

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~ Kicking off the second act of Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati’s 2014-15 season is the masterfully executed “An Iliad,” which regionally premiered Oct. 14. “An Iliad,” adapted from Homer’s epic poem, is a one-man show recounting the events of the Trojan War by using it as a parallel to the hardships and suffering of war in a modern setting. The show plays out as a highlight reel of the epic, told by the weary, aged Poet: a man cursed by the muses to tell this sorrowful tale time and time again. The play’s ability to nuance the … Continue reading “An Iliad”epically wows