Do not let fear get in your way

By: Abrena Rowe ~Opinions and Editorials Editor~ Change is scary. Trying something new can be even scarier. Combining the two, pushing yourself toward change to try something new can be downright terrifying. Once we’ve settled into a comfortable routine, we become hesitant to step out of our self-assigned role in life. The four years of traditional college allow some of the greatest changes in your life to occur. You might move to a new city and leave behind the past 18 years of familiarity and comfort you’ve learned to love. You might stay in your hometown but still wish to … Continue reading Do not let fear get in your way

Waiting for a hero: where change begins

The end of the year is a hectic time for students, but it offers us an important opportunity for reflection. The end of 2014 hopefully gave the opportunity to achieve academic goals, solidify personal achievements and prepare ourselves for what 2015 has in store. As I begin the new year, I want to share with you what my goal for 2015 is: to not be a hero. The idea for my goal came to me this November when a group of 21 students including myself, led by sophomore Hannah Sheppard and senior Joseph McGrath, went to the 17th annual Ignatian … Continue reading Waiting for a hero: where change begins