Letter to the Editor: Integration, not segregation

By: Braden Trauth Integration is a fundamental principle of Permaculture and an ideal that America has sought to espouse, but only started to make true headway on during the Civil Rights movement 50 years ago. Unfortunately, we are still healing that segregated past as we learn to integrate our communities not just racially, but also economically. The ghettos of the past that were a result of red-lining, which limited bank mortgages to certain neighborhoods, are still working on integrating and rising above those last strings of segregation in our country. This is critical to a harmonious society that doesn’t need … Continue reading Letter to the Editor: Integration, not segregation

Marriage equality: a different perspective

By: Andrew Del Bene The fight for marriage equality across the Union has grown significantly in the last decade and stands as an extension of the fight for homosexual rights reaching back to the Stonewall Riots in 1969. The recent movement attracts not only homosexuals but also the rapidly growing and fervent following of “allies.” The equality of marriage for all couples, heterosexual and homosexual, has become not only a civil rights issue of equality but also a moral question of how we think of others and the institutions that help to define our society. The perspective I am about … Continue reading Marriage equality: a different perspective

Xavier professor leads civil rights discussion at Stowe House

By: Justin Worthing Xavier University’s Dr. Christine Anderson and former Freedom Rider Betty Daniels Rosemond recently led a community discussion based on the award-winning documentary Freedom Riders at Cincinnati’s Harriet Beecher Stowe House.  The event, which occurred September 21, was designed to spark discussion and bring attention to the Freedom Riders during the Civil Rights Era. “I want to sit here and tell you we were motivated,” Rosemond said.  “I cannot tell you how but, what.  I know it was God… Once we started, once we were ready, there was no turning back.  Nobody could stop us, and if it … Continue reading Xavier professor leads civil rights discussion at Stowe House