Club Profile: XU Navigators

By: Lydia Rogers ~Campus News Editor~ The Xavier Navigators is a spiritual community on campus that welcomes all students regardless of how they practice their faith. The club helps students grow in their relationship with God through a community of Christ- followers who can inspire each other to “seek heaven on earth and find hope through Jesus.” The Navigators’ motto, “to Know Christ and to Make Him Known,” encourages students on campus not only to explore their own faith, but offer their support to fellow group members in their spiritual journey as well. “The mission of Navs is to advance … Continue reading Club Profile: XU Navigators

Xavier students form Bird Watching Club

By: Josh Stahl The Xavier Bird Watching Club is one of Xavier’s newest additions. Club member and junior Rob Link told the Newswire that the purpose of the club is to educate Xavier students on the birds of the Midwest. Link added that the club also gives students a good reason to hike the various county, city and state parks in the Cincinnati area. Although the club is still very young, they have already added several bird feeders around campus, the most popular being just outside the Hoff Dining Hall. These bird feeders attract many species of local birds to … Continue reading Xavier students form Bird Watching Club