Advice: Stop people pleasing The value of self-maintenance

By: Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~ College is a time when people make a staggering amount of personal connections. You join new clubs, meet new people in your classes and become friends with at least some of these people. With this new wave of people into your life come new responsibilities to friends, teachers, classmates, co-workers and significant others. With these new responsibilities comes stress, and sometimes you’ll find that you have too much going on at one time. For me, being swamped with responsibilities sometimes feels like my natural state. It seems like I’m always running from one responsibility to … Continue reading Advice: Stop people pleasing The value of self-maintenance

The joke is over, folks Advice: Try a convo once in a while

By: Henry Eden ~Staff Writer~ Growing up, I was never one to get too personal with anyone too quickly. When I would meet people for the first time, my strategy was to make everything into a joke and hope that nobody would think I was being obnoxious or forthright. For the most part, it worked. I could make one hell of a first impression. However, first impressions were really the only ones I was making. What I came to realize in college was that showing only the surface of my personality wasn’t getting me anywhere. I thought my constant joking … Continue reading The joke is over, folks Advice: Try a convo once in a while

Advice: Tragedy in not trying

By: Mike Fisher ~Copy Editor~ At times in life, especially in college, we are called to take on a new opportunity that will forever change us. These opportunities appear to us, mostly when we are not expecting it, and we must decide to accept or reject. I like to refer to them as callings. The opportunity could be taking on a leadership role on campus, attending graduate school or studying abroad this coming summer. It could be something small, such as moving off campus next year. Maybe none of these are calling you. Maybe the opportunity is something unique only … Continue reading Advice: Tragedy in not trying