Added Core reflection requirement for seniors

By: Andrew Koch ~Editor-in-Chief~ As part of the university’s desire to evaluate the Core curriculum, an ad hoc committee has put together “CORE 499: Reflection on the XU Core,” a new requirement for all seniors who will be graduating in the spring of 2015. The course requires students to complete a randomly assigned writing task on Canvas that is designed to evaluate the old Core’s outcomes. Students’ responses will be anonymous, and only the group’s collective data will be reported. “This is an important way to assess what students learn in the Core so that the Core can be continuously … Continue reading Added Core reflection requirement for seniors

University transitions to new Core

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~ Students, staff and faculty are beginning the transition to Xavier’s new Core structure, which was approved by staff and the Board of Trustees last April. Although the structure of the Core and the requirements it holds have been approved, new Core classes must still be created. Staff and faculty selected the new Core, currently entitled Core B, by vote last semester, with 85% supporting it over alternative Core A. Core B specializes in promoting “depth of thought through broad exposure to ways of knowing, or Perspectives, of traditional liberal arts disciplines.” The new Core requires … Continue reading University transitions to new Core

Missed opportunities: new Core neglects physical education

If there’s one thing Xavier students love more than complaining about subpar dining options, it’s complaining about the Core. This usually takes the form of singling out courses that are included in the Core but don’t deserve to be. Philosophy and theology are easy prey. Literature and foreign language courses are also common targets. It’s rare to hear suggestions for courses that should be added to the Core. It seems to be the collective consensus that more Core classes only means more blood, sweat and tears for students. While I’m not quite sadistic enough to wish more blood or tears … Continue reading Missed opportunities: new Core neglects physical education