Guilty until proven wealthy

By Melissa Navarra, Business Manager “Innocent until proven guilty” is a core principle of the American justice system. However, on a given day, there are nearly half a million people being kept in U.S. jails pre-trial, despite the fact that they are legally innocent of the crimes with which they have been charged.  This is because of cash bail: a system created to ensure defendants return to court for their trial by requiring they pay a certain amount of money to be used as collateral. If they return to court, they will get their money back. If they fail to … Continue reading Guilty until proven wealthy

Xavier teams up with the Ohio Innocence Project

Written by: Chloe Salveson, Staff Writer In collaboration with the Ohio Innocence Project (OIP), several Xavier programs co-hosted an event about criminal justice reform last Wednesday. Now, Xavier is actively working to start a new chapter of the OIP at the university.  Co-sponsored by Xavier’s Pre-Law Program, the Pre-Law Society, the Psi/Chi Psychology club, and the Criminal Justice Society, students were joined by exoneree Laurese Glover in a conversation about his own exoneration as a means to examine the current judicial system. Glover, an exoneree who was found guilty of murder due to witness misidentification in 1995, discussed his experiences … Continue reading Xavier teams up with the Ohio Innocence Project

A Year in Review: XU Student Involvement

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ Xavier’s Office of Student Involvement has been busy this year as several new clubs were formed, several new activities were proposed and several new students came to make their mark. This year various clubs on campus had large numbers of students involved in their major activities and events. Well-known clubs and groups such as Student Activities Council (SAC) as well as clubs such as Home-X, seemed to have components that sparked mass student involvement. “African American Association has had a banner year this year, with strong attendance at events along with a very strong presence on … Continue reading A Year in Review: XU Student Involvement