Courageous Connections: a first-person account

By: Trever McKenzie ~Copy Editor~ You don’t talk about cultural appropriation at the dinner table. You don’t talk about it in line at Coffee Emporium. You don’t talk about it in your biology study group. Where do you talk about it, then? At the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s (CDI) Courageous Conversations events. Last year, I attended one of the first Courageous Conversations events, the first of many to come. The purpose of the event was to discuss topics that we were too afraid to talk about in public. The discussion concerned cultural appropriation, which was very timely, as the … Continue reading Courageous Connections: a first-person account

“Mascots” fights stereotypes

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC) partnered with Xavier to present the special exhibition “Mascots,” located on the second floor of Gallagher Student Center (GSC). The collection of art and photography was curated by Xavier director for photography, marketing and communications Greg Rust. It juxtaposes the lived experience of Native Americans with their portrayal as sports mascots. NURFC will host a panel discussion on Nov. 7 about how stereotypes affect Native American communities. The main topic will be sports mascots and team names. “It won’t be a discussion back and forth. It will be … Continue reading “Mascots” fights stereotypes