Trump: “I’m so funny”

By: Henry Eden ~Staff Writer~ I love Saturday Night Live (SNL). It is one of my favorite things. It has been a long time since I first watched the show with my parents. They never really bothered to fight me much on what I watched growing up. As I made my way through high school, my friends and I were perfectly content to spend our weekends idiotically watching and re-watching the same sketches. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to end up on that stage someday. SNL is one of the most successful shows in the … Continue reading Trump: “I’m so funny”

Hammond to announce “SNL”

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~ Comedian and actor Darrell Hammond is set to replace Don Pardo as the announcer on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). Pardo, a notable radio and television announcer who had a successful career for the past 70 years, died in his sleep at the age of 96 on Aug. 10. In his time, Pardo served as the announcer for many NBC shows including “The Price is Right,” “Jeopardy!” and “NBC Nightly News.” His most notable job, however, was his role at “SNL,” where, beginning with the show’s debut in 1975, he was the announcer for 39 … Continue reading Hammond to announce “SNL”