Being politically correct

By: Alex Hale ~Staff Writer~ Post-presidential election I decided to try and figure out what was going on in America and why my party had lost so terribly. So, I took a stroll over to a figure online that has been banned from Twitter, is known to be a provocateur and more recently was evacuated from UC Berkeley where violent protests took place against him. The man I’m referring to is Milo Yiannopoulos. To be crystal clear from the start, I am repulsed by his ideas, but for the sake of the Democratic Party, I would advise all left leaning … Continue reading Being politically correct

America is unfairly a two-party system

By: Sophie Hurlock ~Guest Writer~ For a country that values freedom and the ability to choose, America has failed its voters when it comes to political choices. Americans only have two options: a Democratic or a Republican candidate. Yes, there may be other parties such as the Libertarian and Green parties that also offer up candidates, but no third party candidate has ever won a presidency. The closest a third party had ever gotten to being elected was in 1912 when former president Teddy Roosevelt left the Republican party to run as a member of the Bull Moose party, winning … Continue reading America is unfairly a two-party system