Pixar shorts persistently impress

By Joe Clark, Sports Page Editor Pixar is well known for having not only some of the best animated movies in history (and being a major driver for computer-generated animation) but also for having some pretty amazing shorts.  Here, I’ll be ranking the five best animated shorts, with one caveat — the short had to be attached to a theatrical release, which eliminates any SparkShorts or feature-related shorts. Without further ado, here’s my personal ranking of the top five Pixar shorts.  5. “Partly Cloudy”  “Partly Cloudy” is a story about sticking with your friend when times get tough.  The stork … Continue reading Pixar shorts persistently impress

Winter Soldier proves to be a Win for Disney+

By Aidan Callahan, Back Page Editor The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has come to an end, and now all episodes are available to stream on Disney+. Keeping in line with my WandaVision review, I am going to offer up a spoiler-free review for those who haven’t seen it yet, and then a look back for those of us who have.   Spoiler-Free Review This show is for you if you love explosive action, the classic buddy-cop formula, heavy-hitting political themes or any combination of the three.   The action takes up a lot of screen time, but they make sure it’s … Continue reading Winter Soldier proves to be a Win for Disney+

The two-sided reality of animated Disney classics

WRITTEN BY: Emily Croft & Emma Stevens, Staff Writers Two roommates sat down to watch Disney throwbacks this weekend. After starting the original animated film Mulan, it came to light that Emily had never seen this movie, nor had she seen many classic Disney films like Hercules or Pocahontas. Contrasingly, Emma had seen them all as a kid, and rewatching them yielded a new perspective. Here are their two takes.  Emily:  I was the youngest of four, so a lot of my childhood was spent watching movies that were not meant for me. Instead, I did spend a lot of … Continue reading The two-sided reality of animated Disney classics