Four Freshman kick of music series in tribute

By: Kevin Thomas ~Guest Writer~ The Four Freshmen kicked off the 2016-17 Xavier University Music Series with a memorial and a 9/11 tribute in the Gallagher Student Center (GSC) Theater this past Sunday. Dr. Polina Bespalko, a music professor and the director of the Series, opened up the stage by introducing The Four Freshmen, a swing and jazz group that has been together since 1948 with rotating members. She then described the upcoming shows and offered a tribute to those who lost their lives in the attacks on Sept.11 2001. The group hails from Las Vegas, Nev. and consists of … Continue reading Four Freshman kick of music series in tribute

XU celebrates diversity through music

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~ Xavier University’s Music Department is celebrating its fourth year of the Music Series, coordinated by Dr. Polina Bespalko. A piano virtuoso, Bespalko is an adjunct professor of piano for Xavier. According to her, the direction for the music series has been outreach to an “ageless audience.” “I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to branch these events to welcome every generation,” Bespalko said. “It’s a family event on a Sunday. It’s becoming ageless.” At 3 p.m. Feb. 28, the series is branching out into the direction of social justice as well. The Music Series is inviting … Continue reading XU celebrates diversity through music