A case for audits: More class time can be time well spent

By: Katherine Colborn Audit: to attend (a class) informally, not for academic credit. Auditing, it would seem, is one of the lesser-known delights available from a liberal arts college experience. It wasn’t until my senior year that I was let in on this glorious secret: the chance to audit is a blessing. As a double major, I’ve taken 18-credit course loads nearly every semester since I began here. The intention to graduate in four years has prevented me from truly exploring elective courses, but I was lucky enough this semester to cap the number of my required courses at five, … Continue reading A case for audits: More class time can be time well spent

Club Profile: IDEA@X

By: Gina Carfagno Inspiring Deaf Education and Awareness at Xavier (IDEA@X) is a club dedicated to educating Xavier students about deaf culture. “Our goals are to bring some events for the deaf to Xavier’s campus to educate our students about the language and culture, and create a relationship with the deaf community,” club PR Manager Karlie Wurm said. “We also want to create a fun atmosphere for all of us who love American Sign Language (ASL) to come together and go to events out in the community and learn together,” Wurm said. IDEA@X began last year and has ra pidly … Continue reading Club Profile: IDEA@X

Xavier Seniors to launch new app next spring

By: Lauren Young Seniors Tapuwa Chikwinya and Taron Foxworth work on launching Squeakboard, an event notification app, by second semester this school year. The app specializes in events that occur on Xavier University’s campus that are held by student-led clubs and organizations as well as those held by faculty, staff, and administration. Squeakboard was created due to lack of awareness when it came to events and activities held on campus. This absence of awareness wasn’t just seen in students, but also for faculty, staff, and administration. Having both been Residential Assistants, Chikwinya and Foxworth were directly involved in event notification … Continue reading Xavier Seniors to launch new app next spring