Tips & Trends

The Internet continuously tells us to put some new foodstuff in our hair or on our faces, but how can you tell what to trust without risking the sticky hairball or bitter backlash? Why, you allow your faithful servants at the Newswire to try them out for you. Therefore, we risked our appearance, health and sanity to educate the masses. By: Ray Humienny ~Campus News Editor~ Trends in health and fitness are usually met with a lot of skepticism, in my opinion. The supplement industry is a lucrative business, and every website I typically come across has some quick way … Continue reading Tips & Trends

A Review of 2015 Pop Culture

By: Emily Brennan ~Staff Writer~ We whipped. We “nae-naed.” We Netflix-ed but mostly chilled. We praised men for letting themselves go physically because now I guess we like the appearance of a 50-year-old dad body. Mass amounts of people called their ex’s at inappropriate hours of the evening thanks to Adele’s album, “25.” But really, thank you. Caitlyn Jenner was undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of the year in pop culture, advocating for the transgender community across the world and breaking the Internet with her Vanity Fair cover. Drake and Meek took over the Internet as well, firing saucy … Continue reading A Review of 2015 Pop Culture