Do not let fear get in your way

By: Abrena Rowe ~Opinions and Editorials Editor~ Change is scary. Trying something new can be even scarier. Combining the two, pushing yourself toward change to try something new can be downright terrifying. Once we’ve settled into a comfortable routine, we become hesitant to step out of our self-assigned role in life. The four years of traditional college allow some of the greatest changes in your life to occur. You might move to a new city and leave behind the past 18 years of familiarity and comfort you’ve learned to love. You might stay in your hometown but still wish to … Continue reading Do not let fear get in your way

Learning how to live and not just exist

A message on how not to fear what is next A year ago, I wrote about how the Newswire had become a lifestyle for me and about how as a first-year I never would have thought I’d be where I was then. And it baffles me now to realize that yet another big and unpredictable change lies before me as I have just two weeks left as a student at this university. So where do I begin summing up these four weird, unpredictable, incredible years of my life that have changed me so much and given me many opportunities? My … Continue reading Learning how to live and not just exist

Reflecting on death

“Love is like riding or speaking French, if you don’t learn it young it can be hard to get the trick of it later.” – Downton Abbey I can tell you the exact moment I grew up. It was the afternoon of this Sunday last in St. Mary’s, Ind., where I said goodbye to my friend Julia. This past summer, Julia was diagnosed with lymphoma and for a while it looked like the initial outbreak would quickly fade with treatment. She resumed classes at beauty school in August and rocked the bald look better than Bruce Willis ever will. And … Continue reading Reflecting on death