What does feminism mean to you?

By: Ellen Siefke ~Head Copy Editor~ Confession time: I normally avoid talking about feminism altogether. Not because I think it’s bullsh*t, not because I don’t believe it has its merits, not because I think it’s unimportant. Rather, I avoid discussing feminism because I am a coward. I am a coward because I avoid controversy and confrontation. I am a coward because I tend to let things go instead of speaking out when I think something is wrong. I am a coward because I let people walk all over me, even when it hurts me deeply in the process. I like … Continue reading What does feminism mean to you?

All forms of feminism matter

By: Sylvia Chemweno ~Copy Editor~ I am not an expert on feminism. I am still a student, and you can disagree or challenge my ideas. Feminism is a word that is not liked by many people, and I think many of those who don’t like feminism don’t really know its goal and purpose. People are either are comfortable with misogyny or there is simply a lot of misunderstanding among people who call themselves feminists. This misunderstanding is common and I was almost affected by it but fortunately I could learn more about it through discussions with friends. Through interactions with … Continue reading All forms of feminism matter

Intersectional Feminism is the next step

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Photography Editor~ I wish I would stop having to explain feminism to people-to men, to women, to anyone. The concept that women deserve equal rights is not radical and is not complicated. It’s not about superiority. Using the label “equalist” or saying “I support equal rights, but I’m not a feminist” is only perpetuating sexism and misogyny. I didn’t know that feminism was considered a dirty word until I got to high school. I’ve known what feminism was since I was 8 years old. My mother raised me to be strong, passionate and driven. My father … Continue reading Intersectional Feminism is the next step