In defense of the homemaker

When you grow up, would you want to be a homemaker? Many would say no. It’s not a glamorous job. It does not come with a fancy title, benefits, insurance or even pay. It’s a job that has not seen growth in recent years, but instead has declined due to many women and men seeking more high-paying or exciting jobs. Indeed, the job is not for everyone, and while some seek it out, some homemakers choose it simply because they feel the need. For outsiders, it seems that a homemaker with a high education level has wasted his or her … Continue reading In defense of the homemaker

Responding to “HeForShe”

Women must set an example of respect I am a feminist, and there’s no way around that completely irrevocable fact. There are three things that bring me to this conclusion about myself – my strong opinions about women’s rights, my belief that gender inequality is a real problem and my desire to feel comfortable in my own body, no matter the circumstance. Though all of these issues are close to my heart, it is the last one that has been weighing on me most heavily in recent months. With the growth of the #YesAllWomen and #HeForShe campaigns on Twitter, I’ve … Continue reading Responding to “HeForShe”

Feminism needs men, men need feminism

“Battle of the sexes” must become a thing of the past I am a cisgender man. Any conversation that I have about gender equality feels like it requires that disclaimer, because I do not understand what it is like to be a woman, and some women believe that precludes me from having a place in the conversation. However, I respectfully disagree. I believe that men absolutely have a place in feminism because gender equality benefits everyone, not only women. That being said, I hope that women will respect my opinions on the topic with the proviso that I always keep … Continue reading Feminism needs men, men need feminism