From 2020 postponements to 2021 premieres

By Molly Hulligan, Head Copy Editor Though the pandemic sparked a large output of remarkable screenwriting and creative COVID-19 cinematography, many highly-anticipated films’ release dates were pushed back with hopes of box-office success for their theater debuts. Now, with loosening restrictions, many of these films are set to premiere in the next six months. Though there are a substantial number of dignified films set to debut this year, these are the four I think (and hope) will be more than worth the wait. The French Dispatch Debuted at Cannes Film Festival earlier this week, reviews say Wes Anderson’s The French … Continue reading From 2020 postponements to 2021 premieres

Award-winning performance found in a flawed film

Written By: Nina Benich, Staff WRiter This year’s Golden Globes Awards recognized multiple well-deserved movies, and among them was Netflix’s latest original film, I Care A Lot  — a fast-paced comedy-thriller starring Rosamund Pike.  The film’s main character is Marla Grayson, a professional guardian doubling as a con artist who declares elderly clients physically and mentally incompetent, ultimately stealing both their assets and their freedom. Appearing at first as a perfect job, she quickly realizes that she has bitten off more than she can chew. Pike reflects on her Gone Girl days by portraying a psychopathic feminist, and she’s skilled … Continue reading Award-winning performance found in a flawed film

The two-sided reality of animated Disney classics

WRITTEN BY: Emily Croft & Emma Stevens, Staff Writers Two roommates sat down to watch Disney throwbacks this weekend. After starting the original animated film Mulan, it came to light that Emily had never seen this movie, nor had she seen many classic Disney films like Hercules or Pocahontas. Contrasingly, Emma had seen them all as a kid, and rewatching them yielded a new perspective. Here are their two takes.  Emily:  I was the youngest of four, so a lot of my childhood was spent watching movies that were not meant for me. Instead, I did spend a lot of … Continue reading The two-sided reality of animated Disney classics